Welcome Aboard Big Ship!

About Big Ship

Big Ship’s mission is to spread peace, love, and compassion into our communities using music as a vehicle. They believe that children's music should be diverse, genuine, and contain quality musicianship. They have worked to create songs lyrically appropriate for children as well as musically enjoyable for adults. In addition to playing children's events, Big Ship can be found performing popular music for all ages at local venues and private events with custom build performances to suit any gathering.

Michael Rotman and David "Dreadlock Dave" McDougald have been performing music professionally for over 20 years. They have both been involved in many diverse musical experiences from live performances to music education and have recently directed their energy to creating music for children. This direction has inspired them as musicians and unveiled the joy that comes with seeing the authenticity and freedom of children experiencing music.

BIG SHIP is a musical vehicle that delivers raw acoustifunk, wrapped in positivity. As they weave in and out of different styles you are left with the message they are sending, freedom of expression.

As Dreadlock Dave and Michael weave you through a rhythmic dance of guitar and bass, they bring to you the basis of what they are, a groove ship. Both being multi instrumentalists, you never know what you might hear, guitar-bass-congas-percussion-keys, not to mention vocal harmonies that soothe the soul.

BIG SHIP has an open door policy for its cruises through musical waters. It brings great joy to Dreadlock Dave and Michael to have such a large family of talented musicians that can hop on board at any time. At any given BIG SHIP performance you might find the BIG SHIP duo rounded out by a guest artist who helps bring the show to new levels.

Come on and take a ride, free your mind, and let your sails out, on…